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I finally finished my first Jayne Cobb hat! I made it for my brother for his birthday, October 18th. Oops. I actually finished one around that time but wasn’t happy with it so I’ve been working on a few since then and I think I’ve more or less perfected the pattern. The pom-pom was the most frustrating part and I ended up buying a pom-pom maker on Amazon :P

Anyway. I have about 4 or 5 more of these babies coming to friends for X-Mas. Time to get to work!

Hey all. I know I haven’t been updating, well, at all really. There’s a few reasons for this: First, I’ve been really hard at work for my parents company Bridge Records Inc,. I’ve been focusing a lot on helping them and that’s distracted me from having time to update my little slice of the internet. 

Second, I’ve been knitting so much! I’ve been making so many hats, scarves, and  blankets that I haven’t had any time to update! 

This brings me to my most recent project. I finally finished my first real wearable garment. Sure, I’ve made hats and things for people, but nothing that I was ever THAT proud of(okay maybe my Storm Trooper beanie). A few weeks ago, I finally finished my first real GARMENT. I’ve been working on it for well over a year. It was originally supposed to be a Christmas, then birthday, then Valentines day present for my boyfriend. 




This sweater vest was lovingly made with Karabella Aurora Merino Wool Yarn. It’s a pretty basic construction, just stockinette stitch throughout with 2x2 ribbing at the hips, armholes, and collar. I love it. I cannot wait to make more. My new project is a cardigan for my friend Melissa. I think after that one I’m going to take a break from adult garments and focus on babies for a bit. I like seeing my results quickly.

And I leave you with: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7nYbKipNtac

Whoa. Well I think it has been quite some time, dear readers. I have not stopped knitting. I’m actually in the middle of about 6 different projects, I’ll be sure to update this as soon as they’re finished. Maybe I’ll even post some progression photos?!

In honor of SWTOR official release yesterday, and having a few free moments at the office, I’m finally able to update on the completion of my stormtrooper hat! I actually finished it about three weeks ago. It is by far the most work I’ve put into any project to date, and the most rewarding.


This is the profile view of it, obv. There are six stormtroopers circling the crown with the Imperial insignia at the front. The pattern called for seven stormtroopers but I screwed up and decided to put something different on instead of another trooper, or a big empty sploch in the middle. I created the insignia using duplicate stitch which is probably the most frustrating technique in the world, but in the end I am really happy with the results. I ended up ripping it out two or three times before I finally felt comfortable with it. 

In the end I made a product which is both my first attempt at intarsia and duplicate stitching and I am really, really happy with the final outcome. I’ve already been asked by several friends to make some for them, which I’m looking forward to doing as soon as I finish the sweater vest I’m making for Fruhmann.

This is the dup. stitch about a third of the way through. The technique calls for actually sewing the pattern in a very specific way so that it looks like normal knit stitch intarsia. It sucks balls. Also, note the New Hope jammy bottoms. 

Here is the beginnings of my stormtrooper hat. This was taken a couple of nights ago and there is no indication of what the pattern is going to be. Since taking this photo I’ve worked on it a lot more and it’s much, much more obvious as to what it is. I couldn’t be happier.


Here is the beginnings of my stormtrooper hat. This was taken a couple of nights ago and there is no indication of what the pattern is going to be. Since taking this photo I’ve worked on it a lot more and it’s much, much more obvious as to what it is. I couldn’t be happier.


I kind of can’t believe how neglectful I’ve been towards this blog. If I had any regular readers I’d be pretty disappointed with myself. The good news is that I haven’t been writing because I’ve been so busy with work. I like to think that this is a testament to my commitment to Bridge. The last three months have given the company a lot of challenges, but I think we’re stronger than ever. We just celebrated our 30th anniversary(we even had an article written about us in the NYT!) and I couldn’t be more proud of my parents for sticking through it and making such huge accomplishments out of their creativity and love for music.

Alright, onto the fiber crafts: 

Crocheting has been immensely fun to learn. The first item I created was an amigurumi poop that I made for Fruhmann, and then a second one that I made for Kish. I have photos of them but I think they’re on my other computer so I’ll be uploading them later. Other than that, I started working on a gorgeous red shawl for Kish from “Stitch and Bitch: The Happy Hooker” by Debbie Stoller. It’s a really fun, and easy pattern, but I think I made it about 2 1/2 feet too long because it’s taking me FOREVER to finish and I just keep getting sidetracked with other projects. I originally wanted it to be done in time for Rebecca’s birthday, the first week of August, but it’s looking like she might be getting it August 2012. 

And then there is knitting, oh my love, I’m sorry I traded in my needles for hooks. It was nice to take a break, but recently I started taking a knitting class with Alice from Alice’s Silver Canvas, a yarn shop in Larchmont, NY. She is an INCREDIBLE knitter/crocheter/weaver/needle-pointer/etc., and it’s brought me back to knitting which I am loving all over again. I decided to take the opportunity and learn something new, so I’ve begun a stormtrooper hat—my first intarsia ever! I had some rough starts, mostly which I blame to a poorly written out pattern, but I think now I’ve finally gotten into the swing of things! Tonight is one of the classes and I will be sure to post some photos as soon as the hat is finished. 

You may be asking yourselves, “Gee, what happened to Allegra’s blog? Did she stop knitting?” The answer is yes. I have stopped knitting.


Thanks largely in part to an old friend who I’ve reacquainted myself with (Sarah Clark), I’ve started crocheting and I’m really loving it so far! Some of the harder patterns are a little difficult for me to understand, but I think that’s because I’m an intermediate knitter trying to make intermediate crochets, which just isn’t going to happen. 

The first completed project I made was a amigurumi poop for my boyfriend, Fruhmann. It has bits of yellow for corn throughout it, and two big blue eyes to remind him of me. I filled it with potpourri so it would smell nice and he keeps it above his toilet, where it obviously belongs :) 

I’ll be posting photos as soon as g-mail stops being a jerk.

P.S. Another reason I haven’t been updating as often is because I’m working a lot more, YAY! Money = more yarn.

So now that I know how to make a granny square, can I start making Amigurumi yet?

The answer is probably no, but, I have a new skill that I love. This morning I couldn’t sleep and so I decided it would be neat to introduce a new color to my GS. I added a round of purple border(Impeccable Yarn, whatever the name of their lavendery purple is) to my square to make it a little more interesting. I’m pretty happy with the results. The shape is a little funny and I know now that I’ve done seven or eight rounds on it how it works, I think I probably fucked it up at some parts since it seems sort of uneven. Regardless, I’m really happy with it and excited to start a new crocheting project.


Aforementioned granny square.

Aforementioned granny square.